Protect our Green Spaces

The results of Jeremy Hunt’s constituency surveys regularly show that the protection of our beautiful local countryside is one of the top priorities for constituents in South West Surrey. As such, Jeremy has launched a Green Spaces campaign with four key priorities that we can work on together, to protect and improve our local environment.

First, remove sewage from the River Wey. Jeremy has long been a campaigner for improvements in our local water quality and his number one priority is to remove sewage from our waterways. The Constituency Survey conducted last year showed that 93% of people signed his petition asking Thames Water and Southern Water to urgently reduce sewage discharges into the river Wey and to produce a plan to eliminate all such discharges over time. At his public meeting in November, Thames Water and Southern Water committed to imminent investment that will mean an 80% reduction in discharges by 2030. Thames Water has already shared its plans to invest £38 million this year, and more than £423 million by the end of 2026, which can be viewed by clicking on the attachment below.

Second, reduce the use of single plastics. Again, more than 90% of survey responses asked local supermarkets to increase the availability of proper recycling. Whilst the Government has already announced new plans to ban single-use plastics, as well as the introduction of a deposit return scheme which he has long been campaigning for. With clear backing from his constituents, Jeremy wrote to the CEOs of every supermarket in South West Surrey to ask what they are currently doing to ensure that we can recycle easily and effectively in-store, and also what further steps they will be taking to allow a wider variety of waste to be recycled.

Third, make the Surrey Hills National Landscape a National Park. National Parks enjoy the highest level of protection in terms of landscape and scenic beauty. Following an intervention by Jeremy, Natural England announced last year that the Surrey Hills AONB was being considered for a boundary extension. He has now received an update from Natural England announcing that the consultation will begin on the 7th March and will run for 14 weeks – you can read the letter from Natural England by clicking the attachment below.

Fourth, protect the neighbourhood plans. Jeremy has long supported more local involvement in planning decisions and is concerned about the number of applications being upheld on appeal because Waverley has not secured a five-year planning supply. Jeremy has met Michael Gove on numerous occasions to press for more of a local say in developments and better protection for neighbourhood plans.

Finally, please do take a look at the leaflet below to see more of what Jeremy is doing to protect our wonderful Green Spaces. You can also read the letter from the Minister for Environmental Quality and Resilience, Rebecca Pow MP, explaining the Government’s position and confirming that the Secretary of State will be visiting South West Surrey soon!

If you would like more information or to get involved, please get in touch by emailing


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