Improve Local Cancer Treatment


We all know the NHS has been working flat out to deal with the pandemic - but that tragically for every COVID death there has been another caused by delayed access to other services such as cancer treatment.

Improving cancer treatment is not just about coping with the pandemic, but about long-term changes too. In order for the NHS to match survival rates in France or Germany we need to diagnose people more quickly because a cancer picked up in stages 1 or 2 is far more likely to be curable. In the case of colorectal cancer, nearly everyone survives if diagnosed at stage 1 compared to less than half of those diagnosed at stage 4.

To do this we need to ensure everyone locally is up to date on screening for bowel, cervical and breast cancer (as well as for aneurisms) given that some screening services may have been delayed by the pandemic.

Investment in local cancer provision can also help. The Chief Executive of the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Louise Stead, is determined to turn the hospital into the pre-eminent cancer hub in the South East. It already has the second largest number of advanced robot assisted cancer operations in the country, and is also aiming to diagnose two-thirds of cancers at stages 1 and 2 during this Parliament, up from around half at present.

To do that, we need to help her and her team secure the Royal Surrey’s future as a regional breast and skin re-construction hub. We also need to support her efforts to build a dedicated surgical short-stay unit. Most importantly she needs staff to help with radiology and endoscopies.

Will you join my campaign to help her and her team? By working together as a community we secured the future of both Milford and the Royal Surrey when they were under threat. I now need your help to improve cancer services. Please show your support by filling in the form below. The more people join the better our chance of success.

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