Tackling Antisocial Behaviour

Regrettably, we have seen recent growth in antisocial behaviour (ASB) in some of our villages and towns in South West Surrey and it understandably causes anger, stress and upset.

Please be assured I am focussing my attention on this important issue and am confident the police are also taking this seriously. I have already raised the issue and met with Surrey's Chief Constable, Gavin Stephens, Surrey's Police & Crime Commissioner, David Munro and the local police on several occasions. At the end of September, I met with new Waverley Borough Police Commander, Sam Adcock and Sgt Claire Sutherland at Farncombe station and had a very positive update with them.

Sam has assured me that antisocial behaviour will be her number one priority which is good news and I hope we can start to see further improvements in clamping down on these few individuals that are causing unnecessary distress for a number of constituents.

Some other good news is that Surrey will have 190 new police officers by the end of next year. This is all part of this government’s commitment to policing. We have also had a small victory on the local policing front with the introduction of dedicated police constables for our three biggest towns in South West Surrey. 

Residents are urged to report all instances of crime and ASB to 101, online at www.surrey.police.uk or in the event of an emergency on 999.