Jermey Hunt MP for South West Surrey Meets SEPD to Discuss Network's Resilience

Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD) is undertaking an update project to improve the resilience of its network in the Godalming area by installing a new underground cable, complementing its two existing overhead lines that serve customers in the town and its suburbs. This project, which is due to start in early summer 2016,  will see the company install 4km of new underground cables between the main substations in Godalming and Milford, and will further reduce the risk of the power going off during storms and extreme weather when high winds can cause trees to hit the lines.

Mr Hunt met with Chris Slingsby, SEPD’s Head of Region and Bev Keogh, Director of Business Assurance, to learn more about the project and how it will benefit his constituents. Speaking after the meeting, he said: “ I am very pleased that Southern Electric Power Distribution is being proactive and taking steps to make their electricity network more resilient. Historically, I have received a number of enquiries from residents in Godalming regarding their power supply and disruption and I therefore know about the inconvenience and frustration cuts and surges in power can cause. This is excellent news for my constituents and credit should be given to Southern Electric for their ongoing investment to minimise possible future disruption.”

Chris Slingsby is keen to demonstrate that the company is doing everything it can to minimise the risk of power cuts : “We’ve met with Mr Hunt several times in the last 18 months, and we are always keen to discuss the steps we are taking to improve the local electricity network and keep the lights on for our customers. Last winter saw us carry out a massive tree-cutting programme in this area, and next summer we will being the installation of a new underground cable network. Today’s meeting has been a great opportunity to show Mr Hunt the route our new cable will be taking, and also discuss the technologies and equipment we will be using to minimise disruption in the area as we go about our work.”