Jeremy Hunt, MP for South West Surrey puts pressure on Secretary of State to improve car parking for Haslemere and Farnham Stations

Jeremy Hunt, MP for South West Surrey puts pressure on Secretary of State in a bid to guarantee plans for improved station car parking for his constituents

MP for South West Surrey, Jeremy Hunt, remains consistently focussed on securing adequate parking for his constituents at both Haslemere and Farnham trains stations.

After months of discussions with both the Managing Director of South West Trains, Tim Shoveller and Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin MP, Jeremy secured a commitment from the DfT for them to oversee a working party to explore the options for a multi storey car park in Haslemere and also a commitment from Tim Shoveller to include plans for multi storey car parks at both stations within his franchise extension deal which was due to be considered at the end of this year. However, in the last few weeks Jeremy has become aware of a possible delay in South West Trains extension being granted until the Summer of 2015.

Unhappy with the impact such a delay would have on his constituents still struggling to find adequate parking, Jeremy wrote earlier this month to the Secretary of State impressing upon him the importance of establishing a deal with South West Trains by Christmas. Jeremy said, ‘there are a number of improvements which South West Trains are keen to implement in the area which are being held up pending the renewal of their franchise agreement. Such a delay will have a significant impact upon the rail company’s ability to make these positive changes, including plans for significant improvements to car parking facilities which are much needed. I am hopeful that the Secretary of State will take on board my concerns and look to establish a deal within South West Trains' existing agreement before the New Year and not delay plans any longer.’ 

Read Jeremy's letter to the Secretary of State below


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