Jeremy Hunt attends first of its kind dementia workshop in Godalming

Experienced carers from Helping Hands - a dementia home care provider, hosted a first of its kind workshop at the beginning of December, sharing their knowledge and insights into dementia for local families affected by the condition.

The location for the event was specifically chosen due to Godalming being recently awarded ‘dementia-friendly’ status, adding to the already 300 dementia-friendly communities across the country. These communities aim to help those with dementia feel confident in the area they live.

Along with Jeremy, the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Godalming and Helping Hands CEO Tim Lee came to support the event.

Describing the workshop as a privilege to host, Tim Lee also praised the local town for their proactive approach to helping those that are dealing with dementia.

Not only a chance for families to see the support available to them, the event was also a welcome stop for those looking to start a career as a dementia carer. Current carers from Helping Hands were there to share their knowledge and insights, along with a simulated dementia experience, which gave people the opportunity to see just what effects dementia can have on an individual.

The event also had a raffle with prizes donated from local businesses, and the proceeds of which went to the Alzheimer’s Society.

With the number of individuals that suffer from dementia currently sitting at around 850,000 in the UK, events such as this one are positive and useful at helping people learn to deal with issues surrounding the condition.

Helping Hands is one of the longest standing home care providers in the UK, helping to support individuals live comfortable and independent lives. Their carers are specially trained to handle those affected by dementia and the effects it can have on individuals and families, as well as being trained in personal care, first aid and medication administration.